Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide for Your Sourcing Needs

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective source of clothing, garment, and apparel manufacturing, you might want to consider Vietnam as your destination. Vietnam is the world’s third-largest clothing exporter, behind China and Bangladesh, but it has the fastest-growing output of any country. There are over 6,000 factories dedicated to clothing and textiles in Vietnam, and the industry employs over 2.3 million people throughout the country. Vietnam produces a wide variety of clothing items, including t-shirts, jeans, skirts, blouses, sweaters, suits, activewear, underwear, fashionwear, kidswear, workwear, and more. They are trusted by many well-known brands such as Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, Nike, The North Face, Lacoste, Gap, Zara, and Mango.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to find Vietnam clothing, garment, and apparel manufacturers that suit your needs and expectations. We will cover the following topics:

• Why choose Vietnam for clothing manufacturing?

• How to find Vietnam clothing manufacturers online and offline?

• How to verify and evaluate Vietnam clothing manufacturers?

• How to negotiate and communicate with Vietnam clothing manufacturers?

• How to manage quality control and logistics with Vietnam clothing manufacturers?

Why Choose Vietnam for Clothing Manufacturing?

There are many reasons why you should consider Vietnam as your clothing manufacturing partner. Here are some of the main advantages of sourcing from Vietnam:


Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries to manufacture clothing without sacrificing quality. The average labor cost in Vietnam is around $250 per month, which is much lower than China ($500), India ($350), or Bangladesh ($300). The raw material costs are also competitive, as Vietnam has access to local and imported fabrics from China and other countries


Vietnam has a reputation for producing high-quality clothing that meets international standards. The Vietnamese workers are skilled and experienced in various techniques and equipment. They can produce different types of fabrics and garments with high precision and consistency. The quality control system in Vietnam is also strict and efficient, ensuring that the products meet the specifications and requirements of the customers.


Vietnam has one of the fastest speed-to-market rates in the world. This means that they can deliver the products from the start of production to the retail store in a short time. This is especially important for fast fashion brands that need to respond quickly to changing consumer trends and demands. The average lead time in Vietnam is around 30 to 60 days, depending on the complexity and quantity of the order.


Vietnam has free trade agreements with many countries and regions, such as ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, EU (European Union), UK (United Kingdom), and US (United States). This means that they can enjoy preferential tariffs and reduced trade barriers when exporting their products. For example, under the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which came into effect in August 2020, almost all tariffs on Vietnamese exports to the EU will be eliminated within seven years. This gives Vietnam a significant advantage over other competitors such as China or Bangladesh.

How to Find Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers Online and Offline?

There are several ways to find Vietnam clothing manufacturers online and offline. Here are some of the most common methods

Online directories

You can use online directories such as to search for Vietnam clothing manufacturers by keywords or categories. These directories provide basic information about the suppliers such as company name, address, contact details, product range.

Online platforms

You can use online platforms to find and connect with Vietnam clothing manufacturers that offer one-stop solutions for your sourcing needs. These platforms provide comprehensive services such as product design, material selection, sample making, quality control, lab testing, and shipping. They also have a network of verified and experienced suppliers that can produce different types of clothing and textiles according to your specifications.

Offline methods

You can also find Vietnam clothing manufacturers by visiting trade shows, industry associations, or local markets. Trade shows are a great way to meet potential suppliers face-to-face and see their products and capabilities. Some of the major trade shows for clothing and textiles in Vietnam are Vietnam International Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition (VTG), Vietnam International Fashion Fair (VIFF), and Vietnam Saigon Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo (SAIGON TEX). Industry associations are another source of information and contacts for clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. Some of the prominent associations are Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS), Vietnam Cotton and Spinning Association (VCOSA), and Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (VINATEX). Local markets are also a good place to find small-scale clothing manufacturers that can offer low prices and flexible orders. However, you need to be careful about the quality and reliability of these suppliers, as they may not have proper certifications or standards.

How to Verify and Evaluate Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers?

Once you have a list of potential Vietnam clothing manufacturers, you need to verify and evaluate them before making a final decision. Here are some steps you can take to do so

Check their website

You can check their website to get an overview of their company profile, product range, production capacity, quality certifications, social compliance, customer testimonials, and contact details. You can also look for any red flags such as outdated information, poor design, or lack of transparency

Ask for references

You can ask the suppliers for references from their previous or current customers. You can contact these customers and ask them about their experience working with the suppliers, such as their product quality, delivery time, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and overall satisfaction.

Request samples

You can request samples from the suppliers to check their product quality, craftsmanship, and consistency. You can also compare the samples with your specifications and requirements to see if they match your expectations.

Visit their factory

You can visit their factory to see their production facilities, equipment, workers, management, and processes. You can also conduct a quality audit or inspection to verify their compliance with international standards and regulations.

Place a trial order

You can place a trial order with the suppliers to test their production capabilities, lead time, logistics, and customer service. You can also monitor the order progress and track the shipment status to ensure a smooth delivery.

How to Negotiate and Communicate with Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers?

After you have selected your Vietnam clothing manufacturers, you need to negotiate and communicate with them effectively to establish a long-term and successful business relationship. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Be clear about your expectations

You need to be clear about your expectations from the suppliers in terms of product specifications, quality standards

Delivery time

You need to be clear about your expectations from the suppliers in terms of product specifications, quality standards, delivery time, payment terms, and after-sales service. You need to communicate these expectations clearly and confirm them with the suppliers in writing. You also need to monitor the order progress and update the suppliers regularly on any changes or issues.

Be respectful and professional

You need to be respectful and professional when dealing with the suppliers. You need to understand their culture, language, and business practices. You need to avoid being rude, aggressive, or demanding. You need to build trust and rapport with the suppliers by showing appreciation, feedback, and recognition.

Be flexible and realistic

You need to be flexible and realistic when negotiating and communicating with the suppliers. You need to understand their limitations and challenges. You need to be open to compromise and find win-win solutions. You need to avoid unrealistic expectations or requests that may jeopardize the quality or delivery of the products.

How to Manage Quality Control and Logistics with Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers?

The final step of finding Vietnam clothing manufacturers is to manage the quality control and logistics of your products. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Quality control

You need to ensure that your products meet your quality standards and requirements before they are shipped. You can do this by conducting quality inspections or audits at different stages of the production process, such as pre-production, during production, pre-shipment, or container loading.You can also hire a third-party inspection company such as VIS Quality Control to perform these inspections on your behalf. You can also request lab testing or certification for your products to verify their compliance with international regulations and standards.


You need to ensure that your products are shipped safely and efficiently from Vietnam to your destination. You can do this by choosing a reliable shipping method and carrier that suits your budget and timeline. You can also hire a freight forwarder or a customs broker to handle the shipping documentation, clearance, and delivery of your products. You can also track the shipment status and communicate with the suppliers or logistics providers in case of any delays or issues.


Finding Vietnam clothing manufacturers can be a challenging but rewarding process. By following this guide, you can find reliable and cost-effective suppliers that can produce high-quality clothing for your brand. You can also enjoy the benefits of sourcing from Vietnam, such as low price, high speed, free trade, and quality assurance.

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