Our factory opened its door in 2013 in Tay Ninh province, Vietnam. Now as a Southern area staple, we continue to harness our true spirit and our ambition for the future keep on growing.  As the years grew greater in number, so did our factory and the whole workforce (more than 15,000 square meters with around 350 blue-collar workers in 2022). Not only we grew in size but also grew wiser, as we are also adapting all of the knowledge and technology from all around the world, applying all the newest machinery in our work, learning all the experiences from head to toe globally. All in order to maximize the efficiency of our work and to show off the greatest quality of our product can be. 


To show off is to have pride in your work. 


Our business is all about variety and quality. We aim to bring customers the enchantment of candle aroma, dim light and warm love with a high quality service. 

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