In recent times, more and more Chinese businesses have been relocating their factories to Vietnam due to the continuously increasing labor costs and China’s tariff threats, including its trade war with the Unitd States. Chinese business owners come to Vietnam and form a business network known as the Chamber of Commerce. We have a similar story here, staring with three Chinese friends who run businesses in three separate product categories – Furniture, Candles and Metal Cans. They had run businesses in China for several years before moving to Vietnam. With big ambitions, they are pasionate about expanding their market and engaging in import and export activities worldwide, which led them to establish  ALADDIN SOURCING COMPANY.


As a sourcing firm, we not only do business for the three abovementioned products, but also import and export for all kinds of products. Our mission is to offer an end-to-end service for businesses globally, providing a more simplified and cost-effective ‘’factory-direct’’ service to clients without retailers or distributors.


Understanding clients’ needs, we are expanding our radar to SPECIALIZE IN SEVERAL YOUR GLOBAL SOURCING NEEDS. The product price has become very competitive nowadays, even for experienced clients. Therefore, we will be your one-stop shop for all commercial product sourcing, which will guaranteed the best financial options for your businesses. In addition, our team is a combination of specialized members with considerable expertise in locating, choosing and negotiating products to help oversea clients all over the world. 


As a member of the AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN VIETNAM, we have strong and positive relationships with many kinds of businesses in all of Viet Nam. With such a massive advantage, we firmly believe that we can provide a wide range of high-quality goods from this country. 

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